Who Are We


^Ascending Hope Community Services

We are non-profit organisation, dedicated to help problem gamblers and their family members overcome their problem.


Vision and Mission

  • To assist gamblers to recover from their addiction and rebuild a life of dignity and significance
  • To assist generally in the recovery and rehabilitation of persons with criminal background or delinquent behaviour and their re-­integration into society.
  •  To alleviate the distress faced by the problem gamblers and their families through befriending support and counselling for individual and family.

How We Began

​Rev Richard Seah is an experienced counsellor in helping problem gamblers. For the past 10 years, he has been actively serving and helping them overcome their gambling addictions. In 2016, he set out on his own to set up a community service to better organise the work and increasing demands. He aspires Ascending Hope Community Services to be a place for problem gamblers to be inspired, learn a new skill, overcome their shortcomings and start life afresh.


Richard Seah

Founder and Counselor

Richard has more than 10 years of experience in counselling and helping problem gamblers to recover from their addiction.

Deborah Queck

Executive Director
Experienced Counselor 

Sophia Tan

Sophia Tan is the founder of Morphos International Pte Ltd. Transforming lives since 1983, Sophia has accumulated rich experiences and built a reputation for resolving intricate people issues. Her keen ability to unearth and resolve hidden people issues makes her an invaluable partner to build effective business teams, cultivate strong marriages and nurture abundant lives.

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