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Testimonial – Jeffrey


My name is Jeffrey Ng.

I am 41 years old and married with a girl.

Ten years ago, due to feeling bored at work, I started gambling on 4D and TOTO; sometimes also shared with my colleagues. 

As time goes by, I began to start betting more and more; and due to insufficient money, I borrowed from relatives and even resorted to borrowing from licensed moneylenders to feed my gambling addiction. 

As of Jun’18, I already borrowed from seven licensed moneylenders (total: $13,000 ) and as I was unable to service my loans in time, the licensed moneylenders sent debt collectors to harass me till I can not sleep well every night. I did not have any peace at all and kept worrying about where to find the money.

On September, I was introduced to Ascending Hope Community Service by a licensed moneylender. As I was also jobless at that time, Ascending Hope Community Service helps to contact my debtors to give me some time to repay my loans.

Ever since I come to Ascending Hope Community Service, I attended the weekly recovery lessons and also attended the support group. Thereafter, through prayers and guidance from Ps.Richard, encouragement, love and concern from the co-workers at Ascending Hope Community Service, my life has been greatly transformed; I am more confident in myself now and have stopped gambling since and now I feel more peace in my heart.

I hope that in the very near future, I am able to give my family a better living environment and to continue to walk with faith towards God’s Kingdom.

Jeffrey Ng

10th June 2019

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