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Testimonial – Bern


Hi. I am Bernadette, 35 years old, single female

Allow me to share my simple yet powerful testimony during my lowest season.

In June 2016, I tried to apply for a new job in Texas, USA. The offer was great, the benefits and accommodation are good so I decided to grab the job offer online. I had an interview with the Master and everything went well. I don't like to miss out this opportunity so I decided to make payments as per the Company’s requirements. Since I don't have sufficient funds that time, I took a loan from a licensed money lender. From time to time, the licensed money lender asked me to pay the admin and processing fees again and again due to re-loan arrangements. I then took up more loans from another licensed lenders to repay my existing loans and it doesn't stop here. Worst thing, I became a victim of loan sharks and I made the biggest mistake in my life. My life was chaotic with all the harassments made by them and eventually I reported this case to the police. I borrowed from my friends (IOU) and the cycle doesn't stop. To make it short, I became "INDEBT" to 6 licensed money lenders with monthly and weekly re-payment schemes. Back then, I can't take anymore new loans form licensed lenders and even to my friends anymore. For the past few months, my life became miserable. I'm living in a state of fear, self-pity, lost and I even beg money to people like a stranger just to feed myself. I used my salary to pay one loan to another, it's not even enough and nothing left for me. It has been the worst situation I've encountered in my life.

November 2016 when I browsed the internet, I tried to seek for possible ways on how to look for financial solutions and some charity organizations who might help me because I am still suffering deeply on my finances. I approached another Credit Company, they told me that they can't help me because of my outstanding loans with various Credit companies. Instead, they told me that one person might help me. He referred me to Pastor Richard of ^Ascending Hope Community Services. Pastor Richard negotiated with the debt collectors’ of each money lenders. He managed to re-structure all my debts. It was such a great relief that I am no longer living in fear, stress and pressure from harassments, and now I can focus and give my best performance in my current job. I have to admit that in Year 2016, it has been the lowest valley in my life. However, after I came to ^Ascending Hope Community Services, I have regain my confidence and dignity in life. I want to thank God for Pastor Richard for his helps and word of encouragements. Thank you very much to ^Ascending Hope Community Services from the bottom of my heart!

I will never give up! I'm claiming that this year 2017, I will rise up above this circumstances and soar like an eagle.


2 Feb 2017

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