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One-to-One Counseling

How does it work?

Individual counseling is an effective way for many people to solve problems, set and achieve goals and heal from past trauma, addiction, and other issues. The great thing about individual therapy is the individual is able to have a safe environment to talk about hard things and get unbiased, objective feedback and suggestions. The couselor will help the individual set goals and create objectives to help them achieve those goals and it is generally documented in a treatment plan, which is like a road map for how to be successful with therapy goals. Objectives are important because many times, the person seeking therapy is likely to know what his goals are, but doesn't know the steps to take to achieve them. That is where the therapist is very helpful and will create objectives, or steps, to help the individual meet his or her goals.

​Counsellors will not be able to provide instant solutions but will listen and facilitate an increasing awareness of yourself and your choice of possibilities. To come for counselling takes courage as it involves facing up to your difficulties and asking someone else for help. It is not a sign of weakness but a sign that you are taking steps to address any problems you are experiencing.

Time Duration :
​Depends on individual needs and our conversation flow. If you need further sessions you may continue in individual or be referred to our group programme or workshops.

Fee :
We are non-profit organisation, we do not collect fee

How to reserve :
Simply fill in your detail in the form below, we will contact you. Otherwise, CHAT WITH US directly.

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